High school class reunions provide 

wonderful opportunities for old friends to become reacquainted, to reminisce and for new friendships to begin. 


Whether your class is reuniting for the very first time at a five-year celebration or seeing fellow classmates again at a 50-year class reunion, we provide the right mix of music your generation has come to love.


With Sound Explosion,  we play music at an appropriate sound level so dancing is encouraged, yet classmates can enjoy conversations. 


If class members are more content to sit back, listen to music and reminisce with old friends, 

and not dance as much, that is fine too.  We continually read the crowd to provide entertainment that is exactly right for your group:



  • Serving area classes for 42 years 

  • Easily engages dance participation 



  • Extensive music library featuring songs

       exclusively from your high school years 

  • Energized music mix for fun atmosphere



  • Concert quality digital sound/LED light equipment        

  • Music requests gladly accommodated 

  • References provided 



  • Professional/neat appearance and attire

  • Reliable and dependable 

  • Contracts with time & date confirmation



Call today and discover why decades of classes have counted on Sound Explosion Mobile DJ Experience to deliver great music 

and memorably fun high school reunions!