With another school year underway, students look forward to socializing and attending school dances and parties.


Teens love hearing hit songs that they can connect with, but we also know school administration and parents have the responsibility of ensuring that the atmosphere adheres to proper guidelines.


With Sound Explosion Mobile DJ Experience, 

you are guaranteed both fun and standards:



  • Serving area schools for 42 years 

  • Easily engages dance participation 

  • Clean lyrics - music edited for inappropriate content 


  • Energized music mix for fun atmosphere

  • Today's hottest and most popular hits  

  • Extensive and diverse music library



  • Concert quality digital sound/LED lighting equipment effects

  • Music requests accommodated if appropriate 

  • School references happily provided 



  • Professional/neat appearance and attire

  • Reliable and dependable 

  • Contracts with time & date confirmation 

Contact us to discover why area schools and parents continue to count on Sound Explosion Mobile DJ Experience year after year to bring teens "popping" music and "lit" dances!